Aqua salts 30ml

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Product Overview

Sour Melon: Sour sugar coating over juicy gummy watermelon. Sour with super sweet undertones to satisfy all those candy cravings. Delicious, lip-puckering taste every time. Sour Melon by Aqua Salts. 

Pure: A tantalizing blend of strawberry, apple, and watermelon that hits you with a blast of fresh fruit flavor.

Momentum: Get up to speed on flavor possibilities with this delicious juice. The taste of sweet, juicy mango melds with the flavor of chewy, succulent salt water taffy for a vape experience that will get you moving, especially with its wallop of salt nicotine. Try Momentum from Aqua Salts to take a U-turn from your everyday drive.


Drops: If you like skittles, then this is the perfect flavor for you! A blend of grape, lemon, lime, and strawberry candy that blasts your mouth with the delicious taste of rainbow on every puff.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review