Candy King

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Product Overview

Pink Squares by Candy King on SALT is an exhilarating recreation of the well-loved fruity pink square candy chews, taking on notes of fresh strawberry candy for a reliable all day vape. **Warning: Not For Sub-Ohm Use**


True to its name, Worms delivers a sweet and sour mess of frozen creepy crawlers, perfectly content to ice-skate around in your vape tank and produce plumes of sweet, sour, and icy clouds. These icy and brightly colored candy worms are flavored with frozen Floridian oranges and icy blue raspberry in one worm, while chilly lemon and snowy cherry struggle for power in another worm. **Warning: Not For Sub-Ohm Use**



Peachy Rings by Candy King SALT is a fantastic mixture of sweet and sour flavors, perfectly balanced, to recreate a vapable rendition of gummy peach rings from adolescence. **Warning: Not For Sub-Ohm Use**


(No reviews yet) Write a Review