Cuttwood Collection 60mL

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Product Overview

Unicorn Milk-Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood is a sensational creamy offering, presenting a perfect blend of natural strawberry extract and four unique fresh creams.

Tobacco Trail-Tobacco Trail by Cuttwood is a rich and smooth tobacco combination with a sweet honey coating for a refined and mature taste.

Sugar Drizzle-Sugar Drizzle by Cuttwood is a refined combination of fresh sweet milk with a strong effervescent of cinnamon spice.

Mr. Fritter-Mr. Fritter by Cuttwood delivers a sensational and warm fritter featuring the perfect balance of juicy apple and sweet cinnamon infused with Cuttwood's personal mix of secret ingredients

Mega Melons-Cuttwood presents Mega Melons, a refreshing culinary blend of freshly-ripe mango, indulgent cantaloupe, and sweet papaya.

Boss Reserve-Boss Reserve by Cuttwood presents a cereal blend of golden honey graham and roasted nut cluster, drenched in fresh sweet milk and delicious slices of bananas.

Bird Brains-Bird Brains is Cuttwood's masterful vision of fruity cereal bits mixed delightfully with creamy milk.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review