SVRF SaltNic 30mL

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Product Overview

Upon inhale of Balanced by SVRF Salts you will first be greeted by a intoxicating wave of coconut flavor. SVRF has replicated this flavor profile perfectly, it will feel as if you actually cracked open a fresh coconut and drank straight from it. During exhale is where a rich cream flavor profile will emerge and like the name of this marvelous vape juice Balanced, it provide the perfect balance to the overall flavor profile. **Warning: Not For Sub-Ohm Use**


Refreshing by SVRF SALT E-Liquid takes a careful helping of golden papayas, sweet juicy mangoes and fresh-cut cantaloupe all combining to create a powerful nicotine salt blend that will inspire the taste buds. **Warning: Not For Sub-Ohm Use**


(No reviews yet) Write a Review